We signed up in Mar 2017 and this has been a horror show. Cannot reach anyone on phone (average wait time is 64 minutes). They promised availability year round for top resorts. We cannot book a single place we want. We have tried since April to cancel and due to lack of response they now say we are outside the window. This is the reply we received from their “customer-owner care” rep:
I cannot apologize enough for the delay in response. I have been working to see if there was absolutely any way that we could get your requests fulfilled. Since the contract is outside of the rescission window, we are beyond the point we can just cancel the contract as if it had not happened. I was also looking to see if we could address the concerns that you brought up in your written statement. While we always work hard to get calls and e-mails answered in a timely manner we have been experiencing issues that have made hold times abnormally high for our owners.”
“As for the availability it is always easier to find units in the 10-13 month windows due to that inventory being newest in the system. The two year span is a RCI time frame and I can understand how surprising that would sound to have an agent provide that kind of timeline. As for the Christmas bookings, holidays are always popular travel times. I am happy to check dates and locations for you to see if there is anywhere you would like to travel with Wyndham.”
“At this time I do not have an option for canceling your contract. I have looked into all of the different options for getting your request fulfilled. After exhaustive research there is no option open for cancellation. I am sorry that this is not the answer that you or I had been hoping for on this issue.” This has been a nightmare. We stopped payment with credit card and Wyndham charged it again. This is sad and we cannot believe we were duped like this as we think of ourselves as smart people. Shame on Wyndham but we will not stop until they get exposed and we get our money back! Once again Wyndham scams good people like us that feel violated and misrepresented. Scammers who hoodwink you right from the get go. When it comes to dishonesty Wyndham takes the cake.

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