Tired of Wyndhams lies

Tired of Wyndhams lies

My Wife (Jacqueline) & I (Wayne) have been timeshare owners for many years. Every time we go away, we no sooner book in and go across to the customer service desk to retrieve our parking pass when we are literally harassed by a representative to attend a meeting or “owner update” as Wyndham calls it that will only take 45 minutes. After a long drive or flight to get to our destination we are tired and reluctantly agree to attend a meeting just to get them off our backs and get our parking pass. They always make us feel like these owner updates are mandatory and it’s not an update at all but a high-pressure cooker of lies, all about forcing us to buy more points every time. We have never been updated once, just pressured to go to the meeting and we have never learned anything new, except how silly we were for making our last purchase, and the only way to fix it is to buy more!
It starts with them trying to lure you in with the promise that they offer a wonderful breakfast and it will only take 45 minutes and you can go off and enjoy your vacation. Every time we told them “no” and we just want to be left alone. They then asked if we were aware of usually the latest gimmick to coerce owners into an update, and when we said “no”, they hooked up. This has happened time and time again. When you use your timeshare frequently, it shouldn’t be mandatory to attend an owner update each time. It should optional with the choice of receiving any updates via email if they are important. But what’s the fun in that, it would mean they would have to be honest and that’s not Wyndham’s style. They like to rob you every opportunity they get with their lies and deception!
In September 2010, we passed through Las Vegas and used our timeshare for the weekend on route to the Grand Canyon. We were told that it was imperative to attend an owner update because Wyndham had undergone many changes that would affect us. We hear this every time, but nothing changes. It’s just another pressure cooker of lies to get us to purchase. At this stage, we had 325,000 points and Discovery equity, a program that only gave us access to limited stock, something we were not aware of till we tried to book. Again more lies on how it works or doesn’t work. Every location was not part of the Discovery program. So what was the point of recommending the program and how was it benefiting us? That’s where the lies started.
Our representative, Neil **, looked at our portfolio and asked why we were in the Discovery program. We told him that at the time, we were new Wyndham owners and had trusted our representative to guide us and they had recommended the Discovery program because it would give us access to multiple Wyndham locations. We discovered that this was a lie because when we tried to book, the agent told us that the location we picked was not part of the program. What the hell were we paying all this money for? He told us that he had good news because the Discovery program was about to expire and in order to have access to more stock, we would need to purchase another 175,000 points taking us to VIP Gold level.
One of the benefits was Wyndham would freeze the price in the event that we wanted to purchase more points and our deed would remain in Hawaii. We were happy that our deed would remain in Hawaii because Hawaii has limited real estate so maintenance fees are very low. Another lie and again Wyndham took advantage of our innocence and vulnerability. In November 2012, we headed out to Las Vegas again and as usual, we were told to attend a meeting because Wyndham was changing its structure from deeds to trusts. Our representative, Andrea **, recommended converting our points to Club Wyndham Access. This upgrade would increase our point portfolio, giving us a wider range of access to more resorts, hold the price for 12 months and decrease our maintenance fees which apparently were higher in a deed versus a trust.
We found out that we received nothing more, no new resorts just more lies to get us to waste more money to fix these so-called problems. The only benefit we get is access to book 13 months out. Club Wyndham Access is nothing but a dump pool for Wyndham to make more money out of us. As neither of us are attorneys, we believed the advice we were given and told her that we didn’t really want to buy more points and happy with what we had. She told us that the minimum we would have to buy to get into the access program was 84,000 points and it is the new direction for Wyndham to provide their clients with a better “Wyndham experience”.
I tried calling Andrea on numerous occasions and left messages for her to inquire about the Club Wyndham Access program, but she never returned my calls and we later found out that she had left Wyndham. Now were are sitting with 584,000 points, a bigger monthly payment and increased maintenance costs. The most annoying part of these owner updates is that they are never 45 minutes long and as soon as you are about to leave the table, the representatives boss or a financial director just happens to come along with another fantastic offer to keep you there a little longer and wear you down so you land up signing just to get away. We even had people knocking at our door telling us that we had to go to the owner update and we could advise our representative that we only wanted to attend an owner meeting once a year.
This pressure is disgusting! This is pure harassment, and if we knew this was part of the so-called “great experience” we would never have purchased. These experiences have almost ruined our vacation experience. This company mistreats their so-called VIP clients with nonstop harassment and lies! Wyndham advertises vacations that are relaxing. There is nothing relaxing about an owner update, that is made out to be mandatory, and if you refuse to go they call your room continuously and pound on your door until you agree to attend.
In June 2016, after a very traumatic experience, we decided to take a trip to Oceanside to relax. Just as we had been told before, we needed to attend another owner update because now Wyndham was changing their levels and we had NOT been grandfathered into VIP Gold which would have a major effect on our current status. We were likely to lose benefits and perks of VIP Gold if we didn’t upgrade to their Platinum level. At this stage we had invested so much money with Wyndham that losing everything wasn’t an option, so again we attended a meeting that literally took 6 hours of our day.
Our representative, Michael **, told us that on Platinum level we would have access to more resorts that Wyndham had recently purchased and the benefits were endless. No more resorts were added that we could use because we were now platinum! More lies. We were concerned that our maintenance fees were once again going to go up. Michael assured us that we could offset our maintenance fees with the points we were not using so it would be a win-win situation. What he failed to mention is that you only get $60 per 10,000 points. Not a win at all!! On Platinum level we were supposed to get discounts of up to 50% by booking a vacation and then closer to the time, canceling that booking and rebooking the same vacation. This would allow us to take those extra points and use them towards the maintenance fees.
Booking a vacation up to 13 months out was another benefit, but he failed to mention that it only applied to your home resort. This upgrade would give us priority over all other ownership levels and upgrades were free and guaranteed. We told Michael that we were concerned that we might have too many points and as we both work and only get a certain number of vacation time per year, we would never be able to use all our points. He told us that Wyndham had a program that gave owners the option to rent out their points and the money we got back could be used towards our maintenance fees, or we could use the additional points for flights, cruises, car rentals etc. Which we found out would cost us $100s-$1000s of dollars more than just booking online, or calling these companies direct. They made us feel like it was a huge saving, and not cost us more than the average Joe.
We reluctantly purchased another 416,000 points and consolidated the existing contract of 500,000 points in the Club Wyndham Plus Program and 84,000 points in the Club Wyndham Access Program into 2 new contracts of 916,000 Club Access Plus and 84,000 Club Wyndham Access. Needless to say, this was a bad purchase as we very soon discovered that we had been lied to once again. We were led to believe that once you have 1,000,000 points there would be no need to purchase any more and the world was our oyster with access to the most remarkable resorts around the world. We were told that Wyndham had purchased Shell and we could use our points to access resorts overseas.
More lies because if you want to vacation overseas, you have to have someone in that country wanting to swap out with you during the same time period. We were buying points that we didn’t need because there was no additional stock we would have access to. They were throwing out words to try and confuse us and make us think we were getting special treatment, better units, and privileges that other members on lower levels were not privy too. Lies, lies and more lies!! To add fuel to the fire, they introduced us to PayPal and what they failed to mention is that if you don’t pay it off within 6 months you land up paying 19.99% interest and it would retro back to the purchase date, and all that interest would be owed again. So you paying interest on interest.
We ended up taking out a loan at a lower interest rate to avoid the high monthly payment. This is very upsetting and I can’t believe that these people have a soul! We had way too many points but they told us we could bank them if we didn’t want to use them that year and use them the following year. Great idea but they expire if you don’t use them within a 3 year period and it also costs you money to bank them. As if we are not paying enough money just to own them. At this stage, we realized that we are so far in the hole that we just have to try and get the principal paid off as soon as possible. We were just keeping our heads above water with Wyndham payments! All this money and the situation we were in only to find out you can buy a million pts on eBay for as little as $2000-$15,000 at any given time. Can you imagine how this made us feel? Infuriated
In June 2016, we went to Hawaii again and attended yet another owner update. This time we were met with a frown and asked if we were aware that we were paying such a high-interest rate on our contracts. We had no documentation in front of us and yet again believed what we were told from the documents that we were presented to us from the system. It turned out that we had 2 Club Wyndham Access programs of 916,000 points and another one with 84,000 points. They told us that we could buy the interest rate down from 17.99% to 11.99% by purchasing another 189,000 points, the minimum purchase allowed. What they failed to mention was that we were only paying 17.99% on the Club Wyndham Access Program, the Club Wyndham Plus Program was at an interest rate of 12.75%. In order to bring the interest rate down, we reluctantly bought another 189,000 points.
It doesn’t make financial sense to buy more points and spend another $100,000.00 odd dollars to bring our interest rate down by such a small amount. More Lies!! This is complete fraud! We feel like we have been robbed and held at gunpoint every time we attended an owner update. At this point, if you do nothing about this, we will seek the highest levels of authority, and media to show how terrible and misleading your company really is. It’s a shame because your resorts are very nice! This time they traded out the Club Wyndham Access Program and combined all the contracts into one deed at Royal Gardens in Waikiki. Every time we trade for a new purchase property, the term is reset to 120 months.
This impacts owners because they are paying interest all over again on the same money you made 80% plus interest on, of the payment. This is just plain robbery! The representative told us that we don’t really need more points but it’s the only way to bring the interest rate down. If you do the math we paid an absorbent amount more in total payments and interest overall. What a scam, and we found out later that Club Wyndham Access is a trust and not a deed of sale but by the time we got home to check our previous contract it was too late to cancel and once again we were stuck with an increased monthly payment, a loan that we are paying back and higher maintenance fees. And to top it all off, Club Wyndham Access maintenance fees went through the roof from 2016-2017 where we were told they were better, lower, and less chance of increasing!
After a very stressful year, we decided to take a trip to Myrtle Beach and try something different. On April 9th, 2017, we arrived in Myrtle Beach at the Tower on the Grove and introduced to Chris **. He offered us Presidential Reserve and told us that you had to have a minimum of 1,000,000 points to buy into this program, but the benefits were endless and this was the crème de la crème. He pulled out a huge black binder with the most beautiful Wyndham properties. 9 hours later we signed a contract just to be able to get out of the office but went back to our unit and read over the contract again. Neither of us felt comfortable having to buy another 225,000 points that we certainly did not need to get priority booking and the Presidential Reserve benefits.
When we looked over the contract we realized that they were going to split the contract into 2 parts, 1,000,000 points was going into Presidential Reserve and the balance of 414,000 points was going into Club Wyndham Access again. We went across the road in the morning to the sales office to let them know that we had decided to cancel the contract as it did not make financial sense to us to buy additional points to get access to benefits that we supposedly already have access to prime property that really wasn’t going to make a difference in our lives. They held us there for another 2 hours and finally, we walked out and returned the gifts they had given us the day before.
Later that day we were contacted by our representative and asked if we would meet him for dinner to meet a group of people who would be able to buy the additional points we had purchased and use them to find renters. This would supplement our income allowing us to afford the upgrade to Platinum Reserve. We met with this group, ex Wyndham employees, to find out how they were doing this and told them that we were not interested because we had signed a contract with Wyndham that stated we were not allowed to rent out our points. The following day we sent a letter to Wyndham head office in Las Vegas and canceled our contract. We want out of our Wyndham timeshare contract because we feel like we have been lied to and manipulated every time we attended a meeting that was supposed to benefit us.
Their representatives don’t remain with the company long enough to be able to contact them and discuss issues we have encountered and we have wasted enough of our vacation time, and money in owner update meetings. We want out!! We want every penny we have sent back. You have cost us thousands of dollars and ruined our vacations, so don’t even try to justify not refunding all our money back due to our usage! We are outraged, to say the least.

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