Shady as a Shady Used Car Salesperson

Shady as a Shady Used Car Salesperson

Larry of Nashville, TN
I thought dealing with the car dealers was the worst until last Sunday 04/08 I met those sales group from Wyndham Vacation Resorts (Nashville, TN). Being told that it would only be 90 mins sitting through the presentation, my wife and I had to go through a 3-hour fight with those disrespectful, dishonest sales group except one lady named Natalie who is new. We had to deal with 5 different persons: 2 sales representatives, manager, survey person, check out manager. Once we said that we would not buy it today, they started with those intimidating/insulting questions and comments. And I even got to exchange some heated words with the mid-aged female check out manager who said that we were there only for the gift, and “could not afford the trips”.

And no, we did not buy anything from them. And no, we did not fill any form asking for our financial info including the SSN. We are very proud of ourselves not giving in. And I feel sorry for those people (mostly seniors) who fell into their traps. Also, I honestly don’t know how those salespersons could sleep at night. And how they could go home every day after work and look at their children (or grandchildren) in the eye, thinking proudly: “I scammed 5 seniors who are at the age of your grandpa/grandma”.

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