It makes ZERO financial sense to buy Timeshare

It makes ZERO financial sense to buy Timeshare

Originally Posted on Consumer Affairs by Cee of Los Angeles, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2018
Wyndham is a pure SCAM. Avoid like the plague. My wife and I normally never go to any timeshare offer ever. A talented saleswoman caught us in a moment of weakness and enticed us to a Wyndham “2-hour” timeshare presentation with the offer of a “free week at any Wyndham location.” We travel a lot and figured we would use it. The presentation goes way more than 2 hours.

The offer is AWFUL. I don’t know how they sell it to anyone. It makes zero financial sense. They sell it using high-pressure used car salesman techniques like not showing you the pricing until hours into the presentation, make the price “only good today” and ganging up on you with multiple salespeople. Analyze the #s and it is simply an awful deal that gets you to pay them a lot of money upfront, guarantee to pay them an ongoing maintenance fee forever (in an amount that can go up at any rate they choose and from which there is no escape), and in return they do NOT guarantee you anything at all! Nothing. You get points that supposedly get you into “any Wyndham location worldwide” but most of those locations are awful (look at the Trip Advisor reviews for most of them). The good ones are never available and there are numerous hidden levels and additional fees that make either using the points impossible or that require you to pay large additional fees.

Trying to use the “free gift” is virtually impossible. You can only book within 30 days of travel which means that you can’t get any of their better locations because they are all booked well in advance. In addition, you don’t really get a week, you get a value that you can apply towards a week. The value only covers a portion of the fee at most locations, plus there are large “resort fees” at most of them. You end up saving nothing. I don’t know how they are allowed to offer this scam and frankly, it’s shocking to me to see salespeople who seem like otherwise perfectly decent human beings essentially trying to steal from unsuspecting customers/victims of their con.

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