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Original review: Nov. 21, 2017
My wife and I have been timeshare owners for few years. Every time we go away, we no sooner book in and go across to the customer service desk to retrieve our parking pass when we are literally harassed by a representative to attend a meeting or “owner update” as Wyndham calls it that will only take 90 minutes. After a long drive or flight to get to our destination we are tired and reluctantly agree to attend a meeting just to get them off our backs, get our parking pass and possibly get a gift card. They always make you feel like their owner updates are in your best interest and it’s not an update at all but a high-pressure cooker of lies, all about forcing us to buy more points every time. We have never been updated, just pressured to go to the meeting and we have never learned anything but what we have is in need of improvement. So many lies and it makes me so mad that we made another purchase about two years ago.

It starts with them trying to lure you in with the promise that they offer a wonderful breakfast and it will only take 90 minutes and you can go off and enjoy your vacation. Every time we told them “no” and we just want to be left alone. They then asked if we were aware of usually the latest gimmick to coerce owners into an update, and when we said “no”, they got you. This has happened time and time again. It should be optional to receive any updates via email if they are important. It’s just amazing that Wyndham can rob you every opportunity they get with their lies and deception and there is nothing you can do about it or is it!

We just left Las Vegas on a Wyndham party getaway weekend. We were told that it was imperative to attend an owner update because Wyndham had undergone many changes that would affect us. We hear this every time, but nothing changes. It’s just another way to tell you more lies to get you to purchase. This so call update was a wake-up call. The scam was so obvious that it made me realize that the points we have is worth nothing. As a matter of fact, I talk with a lawyer and he said that our timeshare was worth about a $1.00. The reason Wyndham can get away with this is that they are a billion dollar company. You can’t make America great like that are can you? We were lied to from the beginning and we are still being a lie to. I read a lot of complaints so I know that we should be able to get a class action lawsuit. Let’s do it!

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