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  • Posted at 6:25 PM, November 28, 2016

    Monarch Grand Vacations Owners form Owners Group to combat Diamond International Resorts deceptive sales practices.
    From their blog:
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Joseph, and my wife Megan and I are just one of thousands of Monarch Owners who have fallen in love with San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo Azul Resort. This resort holds very special memories for our family; we adore the town of San Jose and the people that live here, we were married here in 2010, have met family here from around the world, and we meet new life-long friends here every year. Like many other families, we work very hard for 50-weeks each year so that we can come to our ‘second home’ in sleepy San Jose for what we consider to be paradise in every aspect.

    In December 2012, like many other Monarch Owners, we were curious to see how the ‘transition’ over to Diamond Resorts International was going, so the first thing we did when we got on-property was to schedule an owners up-date meeting. Our experience working with the Monarch Sales Staff was a very positive one, so we were optimistically looking forward to meeting the new team. Unfortunately, this excitement and optimism was short-lived when we met the team from Diamond Resorts International.

    Our goal with meeting the Diamond Resorts International Sales team was to learn more about the changes that were being made, get to know the new staff, and also to look at purchasing more points (did I mention we LOVE this place?).

    The sales pitch started OK. The sales lady was pleasant, very nice, and gave us a warm welcome. We were told about all the many resorts that Diamond Resorts International has to offer, the different ways to use points, and it all sounded just fine.

    We told the sales person we had no interest in other properties, and explained to them our goals of the meeting were to learn, and meet the new team. They did a great job in the first 10 minutes selling us on the benefits of Diamond Resorts International Ownership, but that was short-lived.

    The very next thing we were told was a series of bold-faced lies, such as:

    1. Monarch is a bankrupt Company that we will lose our Ownership Benefits (lie)

    2. Diamond Resorts International owns the entire resort, except building 5 and 7 (big lie)

    3. Monarch Owners will have zero availability at the resort in the future. (bigger lie)

    4. Stephen Cloobeck is an honest leader of Diamond Resorts International (biggest lie)

    Diamond Resorts International told us that unless we spent $50,000 (started at $65,000) we would no longer be able to use the perks of ownership that we loved so much (reservation window, automatic up-grades, etc) and that if we didn’t make this switch TODAY this offer would cost triple in the future.

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