I got Scammed by Wyndham !

I got Scammed by Wyndham !

Here is a new complaint from a potential client . Got sucked into a presentation in Vegas in January, and ended up being sold the Discovery package for $1900… misled (intentionally) that it would be the same benefits presented for the timeshare package, but a ‘one time’ use of 200k points to use in a year. I was frustrated at this point because we were WAY over the “ONE HOUR ONLY” they told me upon signing me up for the presentation, and I’m certain that it is part of the ploy… keep people long, get them frustrated, and they’ll sign without asking questions eventually. My fault, never again.
Upon reading the catalog a few days later, learned it was only for a select group of resorts, NONE of which I would ever vacation to, and that 200k points (“You can stay up to 20 nights!!”) wouldn’t even get me a WEEK at most of these (unless I went during hurricane season to some old resort somewhere). I read the fine print on the contract, I had 5 days to rescind. I immediately wrote a letter, included a copy of my contract, and sent it certified mail to the Vegas PO Box address for rescissions.
Now I’ve been calling weekly and told “this could take up to a month.” Today I called and got a supervisor who says there is no record of receiving my letter (I have a receipt showing delivery on 2/10 to PO Box). She informed me she will ‘open a case’ and then let me know IF they can cancel my membership. IF??? Contract says you have 5 days after signing to rescind. That day was a Sunday. Impossible to postmark on a Sunday, so it is postmarked Monday. I will NEVER stay at a Wyndham hotel, timeshare, anything. These people are liars and crooks. I have emailed this supervisor a copy of everything I sent. I will continue fighting for my money back. What a scam.
I feel so Violated !

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