I Didn’t even wait to hear the offer. We won’t buy AT ANY PRICE! While walking the mall in San Antonio, TX we were approached by a Windham rep who invited us to the “90-minute” sales presentation. Having bought two other timeshares in the past, we were interested. After the presentation, our initial salesperson (who was very friendly and professional) asked if we would be tempted to purchase today. We declined and explained that we would never make a long-term investment unless we had first researched the company’s success history, compared it to similar businesses in the area, and determined what the cost/benefit would be.
Then the “second closer” was called over. Within 30 seconds he had called us “stupid for not jumping at a multi-thousand dollar opportunity”, and told us that “most military vets (like us) couldn’t afford it because of poor credit ratings. Dumbfounded, we let him know that we did not even want to hear their offer and would not purchase no matter what the price. As we got up to leave, he speculated that we just spent 2 1/2 hours there because we were interested in the free store-bought cookies, and $50 sales incentive.

Just sat through a 3 hours resort presentation and heavy sales pitch. Put $40.00 up front for a 3.5-hour promotion. Bottom line: $100,000 for a 400,000 point Silver membership with $35,000 up front and the balance financed at 17.99% plus a $220.00/mo ownership fee. When we demurred. The next sales manager came out and offered us a 1,000,000 point Platinum membership for $58,000 with 35% up font $210.00/mo ownership fee. When we demurred again, it was lowered to $23,000 for 400,000 point Silver membership with $108.00/mo ownership fee. Demurring again, we were given the opportunity to join Wyndham’s Discovery program for $3,947 whereby we could visit several resorts to decide if we wanted to join later. Needless to say “No way!” Ethically speaking their pitch is totally without merit and should be avoided.

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