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Original review: April 12, 2018
I feel so bad when I am reading these reviews for all those people who also got stuck in this situation. I wish I read these reviews before getting trapped. We went on vacation to Panama City Beach and we were in Pier Park when these salespeople tried to pitch 7 days nights for $75. They told us, “You just have to attend the Presentation next day for 90 minutes.” We stayed at Sheraton Bay Point and we had to check out at 11 AM. We attended the presentation from 8.30 to 10.30 AM and after that, the sales representative took us to her desk. Each person had one sales rep assigned to them. She (Rosario **) started giving us the details about all the resorts and hotels we can stay we become a member. We kept on asking how much is it but she wasted 2 hrs and did not tell us the price.

Then she said, “My finance person will explain you about the price.” This finance lady called Brandie came and she started explaining and said, “You have to pay $23000 for 150,000 points and you will get free vacation for a lifetime or pay $125000 for 400000 points.” We asked how much points is the one night worth. She said 6000 points but then asked if you get the expensive hotel it will be more points. She said, “Yeah. Not more than 15000 points a night.” I asked her if we did not like it and want to exit out then what do we need to do. She said, “There is an exit program but we do not have details.” I got suspicious and then I said, “We have to check out our hotel and we will come back.” She and her finance manager then forced my husband to say, “Just fill these papers and to know if you qualify.” I said no then she then again forced my husband. My husband filled the paper just to get a qualification info.

We went to check out our hotel and as soon as we went out I called this lady and said, “Do not check anything unless we come back.” Over the phone, she said, “Yes. We will do when you will come back,” and then texted me back after few minutes that my finance manager already ran a credit check. I got so angry and by the time we came back, we decided we will not take this thing. We came back and said we do not want this and declining this offer. They again forced us but we said no. Then she took us to some other manager and said he just wants to a decline survey. This person asked few questions about why we are declining and all. Then this person again offered if you pay $3300 you will get 400000 points for 2 years and if you like it you can continue otherwise you can exit. We still said no and declined the offer. We got up and collected the $75 voucher which we initially paid for.

Guess what then? We started receiving emails after 3-4 hrs that your Barclays card has been approved and Wyndham Blue membership info. We did not sign up for all this. We were on our way to Georgia from our vacation and once we reached home we got another email that you will receive your Barclays card within 7-10 business days. Me and my husband both called Barclays and got to know they opened a card in my name. I told them to cancel the card and I was so angry as they mis-used my info without my consent. It’s not finished yet. This morning 04/12/2018 at 7 AM I received another email that “thank you for using Wyndham visa card. You are now a Gold member.”

Yesterday I was a blue member and today they made me a gold member. I realized they might have opened Wyndham visa card for me. I am trying to call Wyndham customer care on the no. given everywhere on their website and all over internet 1.866.996.7937. But when you call this no. they tell you to listen to another offer but there is no option to talk to anyone. I am so concerned now that they are using my identity to do this. I do not know what else to do to stop them. I am so thankful that I did not sign up for their scheme but this is so awful that they are using me and my husband’s identity now. Also, in their scheme, they do not tell you about the cleaning and maintenance fee which you have to pay rest of your life which is actually a hotel price if you look at it carefully.

This is a big SCAM. I am read so many reviews here and I think so many people are trapped. Somebody, please suggest me what to do and how can we do a complaint about them. How these sales rep sleeps at night by scamming so many people. One more thing to add the voucher they gave us for $75 is not worth anything. Once you book a hotel then go to the hotel they can say it’s not available or you can upgrade. Once you upgrade they will charge you between 100-1400$ for a week which is written in their letter they attached with the voucher. I am not even going to bother to redeem that voucher. I do not want any more of my info to be given to them. I hope this is helpful for anyone. Also, I hope someone can suggest me to stop them from using my identity.

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