November 2017

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Part I – Puerto Rico and Timeshare Debt Is Apollo Global Management involved with both? From: Inside Timeshare / By: Irene Parker / November 14,2017 Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show Parts Unknown, which aired November 6, described how Puerto Ricans are being crushed under the weight of debt orchestrated by hedge or “Vulture Funds”. Similarly, many timeshare members struggle with high interest rate timeshare loans and higher interest rate...

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From: Timesharing Today November 8th, 2017 Senate kills regulation that would enable consumers, including timeshare owners, to sue companies over financial contracts By Jeff Weir WASHINGTON D.C. --- A 51-50 vote in the US Senate, with the tie-breaking ballot cast by Vice President Mike Pence, just killed a new consumer protection regulation that would have made it easier for consumers to file class-action lawsuits against banks...

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